Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pantai Kerachut

I've always wanted to share a bit more about the small island where I'm from - Penang. For the locals, to remind u how pretty Penang is... and for those of u who've yet to visit... to introduce to u how beautiful Penang is... Just earlier this year, Penang became apart of the World's Heritage! I will go on a heritage tour (by foot) soon.. and share the amazing heritage trails of Penang, with u!

I will start with Pantai Kerachut. A place I've always wanted to go - and finally did. It's about 2 hours of hike from 'the end of the world'. Just to note... I did not photoshop or edit any of these pictures and they are taken with my precious point-n-shoot camera...

Early in the morning at the start of our hike. Because it is apart of Penang's National Park, we need to register before we start...

**The View Along the Way**

the end of the world (aka telok bahang) is home to a lot of fisherman. If u look closely, in the middle of the picture.. is huts created by fisherman to rear fish

proper paved track at the beginning of the track

a short hanging bridge

and the real ordeal begins... the first 15-30 minutes is most challenging especially for ppl like me who stays indoor to do sugar work most of my time :P Lots of staircase to climb

nature untouched

a small stream/waterfall

a fallen tree - yes we need to climb over

and finally - after close to 2 hours, we arrived! We did it!!!

**My First Glimpse of Pantai Kerachut**

I was completely blown away!
Honestly, i never expect to find such an amazing place in Penang

and let me reassure u again... NO EDITs what-so-ever

**The Meromictic Lake**

Read more about it - click here

**About & Around Pantai Kerachut**

this is my favorite

a lot of people come here to fish :)

I'm someone who's always fascinated with the cloud's formation. I was dumb struck for about half hour after reaching while I point-n-shoot non-stop! :P

I'm not very proud of Penang's beaches but.... I'm so proud of Pantai Kerachut.. The water is not crystal clear like what u would see in some islands but it's so much cleaner if u were to compare it with the Batu Ferringhi beaches....

After walking ard for about 2 hrs... we decided to head for home...

and the boat arrives :)

**on the way home**

the turtle rock

what do u think that looks like?

some say alligator, some say snake - i personally thinks it looks more like a snake! :P

**End of the World, Telok Bahang**

rows of fishing boats

old wooden jetty

my best picture of the day - caught-by-luck!

Perfect place for a pre-wedding photo!

Next up on Penang is.... Penang Hill!

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