Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Penang Hill

I've always love Penang Hill since young. We used to come here quite often when we were much younger when our parents will rent bungalows up at the hill, and our families will all go up for a day or two! Those days, when the weather was still pretty cold up on the hills.

Today, I write about Penang Hill feeling really sad & helpless. I'm not sure what's going on with the Tourism Penang but the trains which takes u up the hill is broken again. Only a few years back, the government spent millions of ringgits repairing it. And just middle of the year, it's broken again? A train ride costs only RM4 one way. Now with the train down, the only other option of going up the hill is by using the 4-wd car for. It costs about RM70-90 for about 4-7 passengers. No longer very affordable for all to go up.

Business up in Penang Hill is bad. Everyone is very badly affected. With no money going up, it's quite impossible for anyone doing business in Penang Hill to continue up-keeping the facilities & etc...

I will focus on one spectacular place up in Penang Hill... a hotel which has been there for over 30 years. A hotel with the most amazing view, hence its name - Bellevue

I have not visited this place for over 15 years. Recently, i visited it again. I had mixed feelings. Once again, I was blown away by its beauty - how peaceful it is up there. But at the same time, it is quite run down (but still very clean) - and there's barely anyone up there. How can it be that a place so beautiful is not being appreciated the way it should???

I'll let YOU be the judge... The pictures here are also from my precious point-n-shoot not edited what-so-ever...

at the main entrance

the mini bird park - with lots of birds all well taken care off

around the hotel, u will find a lot of rare species of plants

the restaurant

the very well kept garden

i love this chicken compass

this hut is such a nice place to chill - the view u get from here is also amazing

view from the Geodesic Dome designed by Buckmister Fuller

far ahead - Penang Bridge

this structure is already so amazing on it's own! with the added view... it's mind blowing!

this has to be Penang's BEST VIEW - hence belle-vue!

ps: pics are non-edited!

can u spot komtar?


a nice cosy lounge area overlooking spectacular views

in door lounge where u can chill with a cuppa coffee or tea!

the corridor to the rooms

this is the simple lobby

surrounding the hotel, u'll find lots of plants

At Bellevue's Mini Bird Park

ps: as a guest @ Bellevue, you get to enter for FREE!



i had goosebumps all over when i saw this view. It's so surreal... I've never seen this view of Penang ever! Bellevue is so bright at night - brightened by Penang :)

and that is Gurney Drive!!!

i can still get goosebumps looking at this picture!

that's Penang Bridge!

this is the view I was enjoying while having dinner - for those of u who wants to see Penang the right way, please please please don't miss out on this!

I googled for hours searching for proper pictures of Bellevue's room. Being someone who's very petty about accommodation, i had to see some pictures but I couldn't find any. So, of course whilst there, I asked the nice staff if I could check out the rooms for future holiday 'hide-a-ways'. He was nice enough to show me around :) *thanks!*

The Family Suite (ideal for 3pax)

This is soooooo cosy - love the wall!

The wall is preserved to maintain the original structure of the hotel :)

The twin beds

Dressing table

And I was quite anxious to see how the toilet's condition is... YOU be the judge

very white & clean

the bath tub equipped with heater

very simple but it passed my cleanliness test!

Now, i'm just hoping to find the time to make a trip up for a good break. Away from baking, covering myself with sugar the minute i wake up till wee hours of the morning... away from the ants who refuses to part away from me, and to get some fresh air! I'm cooped up at home most of the time rushing & rushing for orders, replying emails, sorting out pictures and more pictures, double checking emails/sms/miss calls to see if I've responded to all....

I still haven't recovered from the craziest weekend i had last week!


But seriously guys... this beautiful place has been suffering quite bad since the tram is down again - apparently it wont be repaired till next year! Do try to visit Bellevue more often - be it an overnight stay, a lunch/dinner, a day trip visit or anything at all... We need to play a part in making sure that such a beautiful place stays open!

I personally think that it's the best place for a family get together (say a family of 20-30pax), a small wedding (about 100 guests?), team buildings and birthday parties

next up: penang's heritage

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